Who We Are


The word, “Presbyterian” comes from the Greek word used in the New Testament for “elder.” Leadership in the Presbyterian church is always shared between the ministers and the lay leadership. We strongly believe that God calls both men and women into leadership. Our pastor acts as the moderator of the Session, which is composed of 9 elders elected by the congregation. Most decisions in the church are made by the Session, although there are some major decisions made by the congregation as a whole (for example, the calling of a new pastor and the election of church leaders).

Church Leaders

Pastor Kari A. Olson
Brenda Browne
Choir Director / Organist

Church Elders

Douglas Allcorn
Mathew Connolly
Megan Goddard
Clifford Haines
Bethany Mandes
Cathy Michini
Clerk of Session
Emily Nichols
Allison O’Callaghan
Steve Wallace


Jennifer Connolly
Julia Haines
Jessica Richardson
Starla Richardson
Lynn Shneider
Carolyn Wallace
Joseph Wilson
Heather Allcorn


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