Who We Are


The word, “Presbyterian” comes from the Greek word used in the New Testament for “elder.” Leadership in the Presbyterian church is always shared between the ministers and the lay leadership. We strongly believe that God calls both men and women into leadership. Our pastor acts as the moderator of the Session, which is composed of elders elected by the congregation. Most decisions in the church are made by the Session, although there are some major decisions made by the congregation as a whole (for example, the calling of a new pastor and the election of church leaders).

Church Leaders

Rev. Kari A. Olson, she/her


Growing up in Seattle, WA, church was always a place where Kari knew she was loved and where she was entrusted with meaningful leadership roles from a young age, gifts she strives to pass on in her ministry. 


Having sensed a call to pastoral ministry as a high school student, Kari studied Theology and Speech Communication at Whitworth University in Spokane, WA. After serving as a pastoral intern for a year after college, she moved east to attend Princeton Theological Seminary, where she received awards in New Testament Studies, Reformation Theology, and Speech Communication in Ministry. Kari graduated from Princeton in 2015 and was ordained to serve as a solo pastor in a small town in the coal region of Pennsylvania until God called her to East Falls beginning in January of 2018.


Since moving to East Falls, Kari has fallen in love with the people of this church and the neighborhood. She loves that EFPC is a truly multigenerational community that embraces the gifts of our youngest and most seasoned members alike. If you come to our annual Strawberry Festival, you might catch her singing with the choir.


Kari also enjoys playing guitar, running, playing board games, and attempting crossword puzzles (it starts to get dicey around Wednesday or Thursday). For the sake of spreading the good news of God’s love for all people, she has been willing to embarrass herself dancing on TikTok (@revkariaolson).


Have you heard our heavenly voices walking by? Please join us in song next time : )

You're welcome to stop by anytime.

Please join us for Worship each Sunday morning in-person or on Zoom at 10:30AM