We take this call seriously. At the same time, we recognize that sometimes parents are better able to worship without the rustling of their flock. Therefore, it is our joy and privilege to offer a program for children of all ages that is available during regular worship hours. It is our hope that we can support parents’ interests in teaching their children how to see where God is working in their lives and to recognize the part they play in the continuing story of God’s work in the world. East Falls Presbyterian Church is committed to providing a loving, safe place for your child.

We believe that children are full and active participants in the community of faith. They are welcome at all worship services and church events. We are grateful for a church rich in diversity of age, where our oldest members welcome the youngest among us and have the opportunity to join in worship together. We always welcome children to join in worship services in their entirety and liken their noises during service to lambs rustling in the larger flock. Each time we baptize a child, we are reminded that it is our call to help children find joy at church.


We also host an Adult Forum covering a combination of topics, some focused on a study of scripture and some based on current events and what, as Christians we could or should do, if we are living a life led by the example of Jesus Christ. It is always a lively conversation without many conclusions. But we are constantly asking ourselves: Is there more we can do? Is there more our church can do? Is there more the larger Presbytery can or should be doing. The Forum is led by our pastor, leaders of the Session, and other volunteer members of the church. It is meant to be a time for our adults to further their understanding of the Bible, create a discourse about individual’s own interpretations and experiences, and discuss how the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ relate to our daily lives. We are a church that doesn’t believe in just coming to church and sitting in the pews on Sunday – we want to live out our faith on a daily basis – and we recognize the need for support and guidance from our worship community.

You're welcome to stop by anytime.

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